When Business Meets Baby is changing the lives of those who choose to dive between the covers and immerse themselves in the words. Often coming back for more - highlighting, make notes in the margins and using post-it notes as prompters. 

Here is what some of our readers had to say:


"Rachel is such a beautiful real mum! She is so honest, and positive in her book. All mum's can benefit from reading it, to help bring balance back to their lives." Anna Every

"If you want to get your head around having a new baby and being in business this is the book for you!!! Rachel shares her experiences and reality that we didn't & don't think about, really breaking down barriers to get to a happy working life, business & family! Thanks Rachel!" Tash Hogan

When Business Meets Baby has also received the following endorsements:

"When Business Meets Baby helps you embrace your dual role of mother and entrepreneur. The wisdom, strategies and real-life experiences shared in this book will help you make the most of your life without losing your sanity." Ayesha Hilton

"When Business Meets Baby is a fantastic resource for new mums, no matter what stage they are at in business. I love the advice to be mindful and present so as not to miss precious moments with your baby, and I love that Rachel emphasises he importance of taking care of yourself - it's time to put to bed the notion that this is selfish." Jody Kalpenos

"When Business Meets Baby is a refreshing observation on life as a working mum. Debunking the myth of supermum is crucial for working mothers. While we can have it all, we can't have it at the same time and Rachel Allan gives us permission to understand this. True empowerment will only come when we find gentle and sustainable ways  of achieving the dual roles of nurturer and career person, and the strategies presented in When Business Meets Baby are a great place to start." Lisa Hayden

"This is the book I wish I had when I was a new mum in business! Your mumpreneur journey is a treasured gift.  Let sisters who have gone before you share their wisdom through this beautiful new book-soak up every word, listen to your intuition and then choose ti become empowered as a mother and business owner." Luanne Simmons