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Narrated by Rachel Allan, chapter intros by her daughter, Sophie and forward by her partner, Craig. All the contributors have also participated in the recording fun.


  • Online Courses
  • Explore the areas of business, life and self and what balance means to you and your family. Feel empowered to make changes in your life, to take back control and to be closer to achieving your goals.
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  • Childless Friends
  • In the book this article is referred to in regards to friends with children v's those who are childless and how relationships change.
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  • Lee Squire Rituals
  • In the book Lee Squire talks about energy and vitality - this is her morning routine so we can all start our day in the right way.
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  • Mother's Groups
  • In the book we talk about the role mother's groups have on how we are feeling and also mother guilt. Read the article referred to here.
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  • My Story
  • Rachel's story of having a busy business and then a baby - how she put on the brakes and started the journey of recreating her business.
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  • Your Story
  • You too have a story to tell. Download this chapter, which is also in the book and use it as the foundation to a discussion with Rachel today.
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