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Effective marketing will make or break a business. As a business owner you are trying to understand so much in your business. Information about marketing, and the best methods, are conflicted. None of it is related to your business and you as a business owner.

Join us at an online marketing conversations, where we talk honestly about marketing. Giving you practical ways to move towards success.

Throughout the year we hold four full day conversation events. These bring together eight experts and authorities in all things marketing. The library of recordings are available for purchase within our store.

The next Marketing Conversations event will be held on February 28 and the topic is Creating a mega 2019.

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Our lineup of speakers are:

Cathryn Mahon

Elva Li  

Kirsten Flavell

Pip Meecham

Rachel Allan

Suzi Chen  

Trish Springsteen  


Our previous speakers have included

Anna Kochetkova

Annemarie Cross

Cath Connell

Deb Fribbens

Dianna Jacobsen

Dorothy Krajewski

Estelle Williams

Eve John

Janelle Johnston

Janette Dalgliesh

Jemimah Ashleigh

Joanne Newell

Karen Hollenbach

Kate Toon

Kerry Anne Nelson

Korii Scrivener

Kylie Johanson

Linda Reed-Enever

Lisa Rigoni

Luanne Mareen

Maree Kirkpatrick

Megan Wright

Melissa Norfolk

Nataly Tormey

Rebel Black

Renee Mayne

Rosie Shilo

Sarah Morrisey

Sonja Courtis

Susie Campbell 

William Siebler


We also host regular webinar's where Rachel Allan dives deep into a marketing topic.


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