Marketing Accelerator Program

Providing you with the knowledge to understand marketing as it relates to your business

Enabling you to create a solid marketing plan

Giving you the confidence to outsource marketing activities

Sourcing the best professionals to support you

The 12 week marketing accelerator program, and will move you from being lost in the marketing jungle to business growth. Creating new business habits and strengthening your business core.

All business owners suffer overwhelm, and why wouldn't we. Managing financials, legal, human resources and marketing - all before we have started making our products or delivering our services.

It is expected at the end of this program you will have a strategic marketing plan. A plan which will guide you in the next 12 months. A plan that will help you make decisions about your marketing. How you spend your budget. Where you show up. How you show up.

This program will give you the opportunity to think big, act big. Promote business growth and move you toward your success. A success you deserve.

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Large companies have departments who look after all of these different aspects, as small business owners we are lucky to have more than just us! And when it comes to marketing, there is so much to take in. Everyone has a different opinion of what you should do - or even how you should do it. Things change so quickly, there is so much research available, so much information coming at you. It is all confusing, often conflicting, who should you listen to?

I am Rachel Allan, my first job was with Rural Press (now Fairfax) as a publishers assistant - basically inserting catalogues into the middle of the newspaper. In this role I learned how newspapers go together, from editing, creating plates, printing and distribution. While I was at University I conducted door-to-door market research, was a designer for a business card creator, researched and promoted events with the local council. My grounding in marketing had started. In the 23 years since I have worked with Government, not-for-profits, micro, small and medium business. Providing expertise in marketing strategy and communication. After consulting for the last 13 years I have seen many business owners lost and confused in this world, easily led astray by 'experts'. I have helped many business owners to understand and create a big picture strategy for their marketing - breaking it down into actionable campaigns and delivering results.

My knowledge, and the expertise of other trusted marketing professionals, will be imparted to you over the 12 week program.

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At the end you will have a marketing strategy for your business. You will have campaigns ready to be implemented. You will have the knowledge about outsourcing or running the campaigns yourself. The power of your marketing will finally, be in your own hands. 

We cover the following topics:

Market Research; Ideal Client; Uniqueness; Product Development; SWOT Analysis; Marketing Goals; Resourcing; Branding; Marketing Mix; Websites; Digital Communications; Advertising; Promotions; Content; Publicity; Lead Funnels; Sales; Review; Automating; Outsourcing; Planning

Each week you will ~ receive a knowledge email ~ invited to an expert discussion  ~ attend a brainstorm session

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This is your chance to invest in your business, invest in yourself. This is not another program for you to sign up to, and be dismissive about. I want you to be here. I want to keep you accountable for making a change in your business. I will support you through this 12 weeks, and if we really like each other - into the future. I will give you the very best experts in the area of marketing. They care about seeing people do amazing things. They will invest in you also. 

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Marketing Experts

Each week you will meet a new expert who is here to serve you.

Eve John

Working with leading entrepreneurs who want to grow their business fast.

Renee Mayne

An unorthodox, freakishly gifted visionary, guiding you to transform you your life and business.

Rebel Black

Details here

Joanne Newell

Helping entrepreneurs create beautiful books. From concept to creation and marketing.

Some more experts

Deb Fribbens

Mentoring businesses to focus on clear, planned strategies to drive businesses to the next level.

Susie Campbell

Rolling up her sleeves and diving into businesses from the customer’s perspective.

Dianna Jaccobsen

A holistic business consultant and lifestyle planner.

Annmarie Cross

Helping clients design and launch powerful online and offline marketing – specialising in helping them create their own Podcast Series.

MORE experts

Dorothy Krajewski

An online success success coach. Taking bloggers, business owners and entrepreneurs to business success using online methods.

Lisa Rigoni

Creating business entrepreneurs with NO EXCUSES!

An expert

Who will take this expert space - you will have to wait and see!

Another expert

Which lucky expert will be here to serve you in the accelerator program?

12 weeks of marketing

Each week you will be given marketing knowledge from Rachel and also her hand picked experts. Developing and creating your own Strategic Marketing Plan and learning a better way of growing your business.


Exploring your ideal customers, your competitors, your unique selling point, your products and services, your marketing toolbox and creating a SWOT for your business .


Exploring your personal and business goals and purpose. Defining your branding and creating your marketing mix.


Looking at websites, digital communications, social media, advertising & promotions, content, publicity, speaking and events. Deciding on what is best for your business and your messages.


Designing your funnel, building in measurement & review and creating a project plan for implementation.

Your resources & support

The 12 week program will be delivered by e-mail and zoom. A private Facebook group has been created to support participants.


An educational email will be delivered to your inbox on Sunday afternoon. This contains background on the weeks topic, plus links for further information.


You are invited to join us on Zoom for a session with an expert on Tuesday morning and again on Thursday for a brainstorm. Bring your questions to the brainstorm for coaching with Rachel.

Facebook Group

A private Facebook group will be created for the participants in this program. This group is for discussion around any hurdles, concerns or problems you are having with the course content.


The workbook is your go to for the duration of the program. The educational emails will step you through the exercises and work you towards creating your strategic marketing plan.

Creating Your Strategic Marketing Plan

Because we realise people have different learning styles and time commitment, we have a variety of ways you can create a strategic marketing plan. Explore the options to see what works best for you.


Are you happy to do the leg work yourself with limited guidance? Sign up to our 5 day marketing challenge and do-it-yourself.

Supported in a group

If you want to create your own, but need support and you are happy to be part of a group - then the Marketing Accelerator Program is for you.

Individual support

If you seek support and guidance, and would like to work one-on-one with Rachel and you are ready to set aside 3 days then our Intensive Accelerator Program is for you.

Done for you

If you just want a strategic marketing plan created for you and ready to hand over the leg work to Rachel then choose between 1 or 3 years and lets get started.