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Are you ready to be empowered, create systems which help you feel relaxed and in control, and allow you the choice to be a present mother and successful business owner?

The Inspired Life & Business design course is for those who have the foundation's of balance and are ready to create success, by your own definition. If you are ready then click to enrol today.

The course is delivered online and is self-paced.

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This course will:

  • Empower you to take beautiful care of your baby, your business and yourself in an intuitive way
    • Define business goals
    • Expectations of your partner
    • Define life goals
  • Teach you to set up supportive systems that free your time and help you feel relaxed and in control
    • Define your feelings and emotions around guilt
    • Be open to trusting your instincts
    • Be comfortable in marketing your business
    • Defining the support you need in business and life
    • Defining what domestic harmony means to you
    • Choosing to be flexible with life change
  • Allow you the choice to enjoy the experience of being a truly ‘present’ mother and a successful business owner
    • Design what your future looks like
    • Determining the good relationships in your life
    • Reminding yourself of what you enjoy doing and value the most
    • Defining what relaxed means to you

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