• Do you desire:

    ~The help, confidence and support to grow your business

    ~To be organised in your business, life and self

    ~Connection with like-minded business mums who understand your situation

    Rachel's group and individual programs are affordable and designed to give you:

    ~Support & understanding

    ~Ease the everyday pressure

    ~Move you from out of control to success

    Choose from Clarity calls, Create your own story, Focus & Accountability check-ins, Conversations at the fire

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Rachel offers a range of one on one services including clarity calls, create your story and a focus & accountability program. She also offers a range of group programs which are run in 10 week blocks including campfire conversations and accountability pods. Read more below and join today!



These 30 minute calls with Rachel will help you to define what balance means to you; identify the areas of your life which are working great and those which are not and; give you a list of achievable and clear actions to move towards balance.

These sessions are brilliant to help you gain clarity over the areas of your life which can do with some 'tweaks' to become more in control.  Repeat them as often as you need.

You will receive a worksheet to complete during the call that will keep you focused.

To book a Clarity Call with Rachel follow this link


This is an exclusive for readers of When Business Meets Baby or graduates of Inspired Life & Business Designs

These two hour coaching calls with Rachel are the perfect follow-up after you have read When Business Meets Baby (refer to chapter 26, Your Story) or on completion of the Inspired Life & Business Designs course.

The purpose of these calls is to take everything you have learned and create your own accountability plan. Prior to the session you will complete a worksheet outlining your five actions or learnings - this will form the basis of the session where we spend 30 minutes on each of these, pulling them apart, directing you to tools that will help, giving you tips on how to make it easier to achieve your action.

Accountability to taking action is key with this session, so expect a follow-up 'how have you gone' email, personally sent from Rachel.

To book a Create Your own story session with Rachel follow this link


This program works best with regular contact, each session includes a two hour coaching call and two follow-up emails sent personally by Rachel. Sessions can be held fortnightly (receive a 5% discount) or monthly. Each session will give you focus and action items, with follow-ups keeping you accountable to actions and deadlines.

These calls are not structured to give you freedom to discuss any issue related to business, life or self you maybe having at the time. You set the timing and also the length of the program. Here are some incentives to work consistently with Rachel:

At 3 calls: Receive a surprise power gift by mail

At 6 calls: Receive a reason to indulge yourself

To book a Focus and Accountability call with Rachel follow this link



Campfire's bring people together. Encourages intimate conversation. Campfire's are wild and cosy at the same time. Radiating warmth and promising relaxation. Around a campfire anything can happen, they are magical, honest and enchanting. 

Campfire conversations by Rachel Allan is an exciting group program run for 10 weeks at a time; with calls every second week. These calls will bring likeminded business mums together (by the campfire) to have focused conversations on specific topics related to life and business with the aim of achieving balance. Rachel will be facilitating these conversations offering insights from her experience and the many mums she talks to on a daily basis, if appropriate experts will be join us at the campfire.

To join the wait list for the first campfire conversations starting in February 2018 please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In botanical terms pods protect the seeds until ripe and then split open to reveal them. In animal terms a pod is a group of marine animals (think whales and dolphins) or hippopotamuses who group together for protection, support and socialisation. Are you ready to step into a pod that will help you grow into a successful business?

Our accountability pods will run for 10 weeks where three sessions will be hosted. The first will be about goal expansion, the second will be review and the final will be about celebrating. These will be by application only with no more than 5 people per pod. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..