Implementing your plan sounds so easy, until you have to start to do all the bits and pieces. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Mailchimp. Answering the phone. If only you had a second pair of hands.....

Now you do. Rachel Allan has created a network of stay-at-home mums who are available for basic administration tasks and for in-bound reception services. Additionally, for more complex tasks she has created a partnership with Virtually Yours, tapping into Australian based virtual administrators.

~ Reception Services ~

  • Your business phone number answered professionally, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Voicemail messages actioned or returned
  • Professional ticketing system used to track and log your calls

Choice of:

  •  Message being forwarded to you by email
  •  Appointment setting through calendar booking app
  •  Up to 3 questions answered
 Monthly cost  $58 $142  $280  $540 
 No. of calls 20 50  100  200 
 Additional calls $2.90  $2.85  $2.80  $2.70 

Casual call answering $3.00 per call

Set-up charge $75

~ Administration ~

Costs start from $40 per hour, and will depend on the type of task.